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The Importance of Maintaining Your Car’s Mirrors

For many reasons, it’s very important that you maintain your vehicle’s mirrors as a driver. In some cases, missing or broken mirrors can mean a costly fine, in other cases it’s unfortunately a time-consuming and costly replacement that must be done by a professional. In every case, however, driving around with broken or missing mirrors on your car poses a serious safety risk to you, your passengers, and the other drivers on the road.

In many states, there is some sort of law surrounding the mirrors on your vehicle. Although how many mirrors and which ones are required at minimum may vary from state to state, the fact that most states have at least some sort of laws surrounding mirrors shows their importance to your safety on the road.

When you have all the correct mirrors on your car in working condition and properly adjusted, you can have almost a complete view of the back and sides of your vehicle while minimizing the amount of time your eyes are off the road ahead of you. You should be able to see not only directly behind you through your rearview mirror, but you should also be able to see both sides of a car driving directly behind you. With properly adjusted side mirrors, you should be able to see the back of and slightly behind your car all the way to the side of your car where your peripheral vision ends.

Repairing or replacing a mirror on your car can vary greatly in the amount of money and effort required depending on the age, make, and model of your vehicle. For older vehicles, or if you just cracked the glass on a sideview mirror, you might be able to simply pick up a piece of replacement glass and change it out yourself. Newer vehicles, however, may have more advanced electronic adjustment systems, heating systems, or mechanisms for holding the glass in place that may require a professional to repair things for you. If you are replacing or remounting a rearview mirror, consult your owner’s manual for the proper placement and make sure you use the recommended/approved adhesive materials. Having an improperly-mounted mirror can reduce your field of vision, compromising your safety and the safety of those driving around you. If your entire mirror housing is damaged or broken, the repair may actually get a bit easier as you can replace the entire assembly at an auto parts store or vehicle salvage yard.

Overall, having a complete set of properly-adjusted mirrors on your car is one of the biggest safety factors you have control of in your vehicle. By making sure all mirrors are in the correct position and checking them before any movements on the road, you can significantly reduce the chances of you or someone around you getting in an accident. It’s best practice to repair/replace any broken or damaged mirrors your vehicle may have as soon as possible, as consult a pro if you need help.

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