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Why You Should Support Your Local Auto Shop

When it comes to keeping your car in a great running condition, there are a lot of options when it comes to the maintenance you’ll eventually need to perform. Not only do you have a variety of part brands, types, and conditions to choose from, but you also have to decide where you get the service performed at. Sure, you can take care of a lot of minor repairs and maintenance items in your own driveway with the right tools and a little know-how, but eventually there will probably come a time where the job is simply too big, and you’ll need to seek professional help. This article aims to briefly cover some of the options you’ll have when it comes to auto mechanics, and why you should consider taking your car to an independent, local mechanic for your car’s repairs.

If you drive a new car that’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty, your best bet is probably going to your dealership for repairs. Although they tend to be more expensive, repairs performed at dealerships are performed by certified mechanics that are up-to-date on all the latest repairs and updates to your vehicle. This is great while you’re still under warranty, as you may save some money on the service and the mechanics will perform multi-point checks around your vehicle and report all their findings to you, helping you stay on top of your car’s maintenance while it’s still new.

Once your car has outlived its warranty period, however, things at the dealership can get a little bumpy. Now, it’s not to say that all dealerships are out to nickel and dime any customers that come in for a repair outside of their warranty, but there are definitely some cases where taking your vehicle to the dealership may end up costing you. For example, it’s been reported by consumers that some dealerships will use recalls or small routine maintenance repairs as an excuse to hit you with a pile of other repairs that “need” to be performed. That’s right – some sneaky dealerships have been known to report finding multiple expensive repairs that need to be immediately handled when a car was brought in for a small and unrelated repair. Worse yet, some dealerships have reportedly refused to fix the original problem unless everything else they found wrong is also taken care of; If you find yourself in this situation, it’s probably best you take your vehicle and money somewhere else.

Even if they aren’t using shady tactics to get you to spend more, there’s a chance that you’ll pay more at a dealership no matter how simple and quick the service is. Since dealership mechanics are all trained by the vehicle manufacturer and are always up-to-date on the latest techniques and information, you can almost always bet that their hourly service rates will be higher than what you’d pay at an independent shop. Certain repairs, when performed at dealerships, will also take longer due to dealership mechanics’ need to stick to the manufacturer’s repair guidelines. In other words, if a vehicle manufacturer says multiple parts must be removed from the vehicle to access and repair an issue, the mechanics will have to take the time to remove all those parts before servicing your car, likely driving your service hour charges up. At an independent shop, however, they may be able to get creative and access the faulty part another way and without removing other parts, making the repair quicker and cheaper for you.

Another benefit of taking your vehicle to an independent mechanic is the added flexibility when it comes to the replacement parts you use. First off, if you have an older vehicle with parts that are no longer in production, an independent mechanic might be your only option as you may be forced to use pre-owned or salvaged parts for your repairs. Even if you don’t need unique parts for your vehicle, by going to an independent mechanic you often car choose between new and pre-owned parts (which can vary greatly in price), as well as have the option between various aftermarket brands and OEM parts (which can also vary in price and quality). When you take your car in to a dealership for service, you’ll often end up paying more for new OEM or genuine parts on all your repairs.

Overall, when you have a new vehicle that’s still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, taking your car to the dealership for repairs and service might be your best option for keeping your car in great condition. Once you fall outside of the warranty period, however, you may want to consider looking for a trusted independent mechanic for your vehicle’s service. At an independent mechanic shop, you’ll likely have the option to choose between different part brands and conditions, potentially saving yourself a lot of money. You also will likely face lower hourly service rates at an independent shop, and maybe even faster repair times.

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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Support Your Local Auto Shop

  1. My car is having some problems with the brakes, so I want to make sure that I get it to a good professional. It makes sense that I would want to find a mechanic that is nearby! That way, it will be a lot easier to get my car there.

  2. I like that they would be more flexible. If I could get parts that I want then hopefully it will be a bit cheaper. Or you could get nicer parts that would last longer.

  3. I like how you said that one of the benefits of taking your vehicle to an independent mechanic is the added flexibility when it comes to the replacement parts you use. My dad has a few cars that he would like to get them repaired but he has no time for that. I will suggest to him to look for a local auto repair shop so that they can help him fix those cars so that he can sell them soon.

  4. I like that you said one benefit of taking your vehicle to an independent mechanic is the flexibility that it offers when it comes to replacement parts. My brother was driving down the freeway when his car started smoking. He thinks it’s the transmission. I’ll recommend that he look for a local repair shop.

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